Saturday, October 1, 2005

I Have Arrived

Finally, after nearly two years of blogging, I am deemed popular enough and with readership sufficient to be worthy of bootlegging. 

Someone started posting spurious links and illicit advertising in the comments sections of my journals.  I have gone from beneath notice to being worth kidnapping.

I have removed as many as I have found, blocked them from future comments, and will report them to AOL Terms of Service, and meanwhile bask in the limelight of fame.  I've been deemed worthy of stalking.


mavarin said...

Everyone I know just hit with those today.  But *I* think you're special.  I'll be nominating you for the Vivi Awards. - Karen

jckfrstross said...

Don't feel bad i got hit also. You are special and you make me laugh thank you


plieck30 said...

Guess everyone got those. A bummer to go back and block and delete. Paula

sylviam4000 said...

Hi there Chuck.....Hit the spam button and get ready to block.....It's Sylvia! Keep laughing. Save a seat for me in Starbucks.

ryanagi said...

Ha! Yes, that porn spam in our comments is rather alarming!

virage65 said...

Yeah, nothing like that happened to me until I got a Heartsong Award.  But I have been silently enjoying your blog for many moons and found you worthy long before unscrupulous people realized that you are crisp and delicious on the outside and succulent and juicy on the inside!  I found one of my posts attached to some website on...  what was it?  Patents?  And someone posted a come-on in my comments yesterday. I didn't think to report it, but it was probably some of the same operators trying to use you for porno.  I'll know better and report them next time!  Keep on doing your thing.  I dig it!