Thursday, October 27, 2005

Let’s make up a game together.

Think of common expressions and products with proper names in them. . List them in comments. I’ll compile them into a super-game of  “fill in the proper name”

Here are some starters: (Drag your cursor over the blanks to see the answers.)

Jack Frost

John Doe

Jane Doe (girl)

John Q. Public

Uncle Sam

G.I. Joe

Sheriff John

Charlie’s Dead (“Your fly is open”)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Colonel Sanders Chicken

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix

Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup

Mrs. Paul’s frozen fish

Johnny Reb

Dr. Scholl’s Cornplaster

Hitch old Dobbin to the Sleigh

Elleme2 adds:

A cup of Joe (coffee)

Porta-John public potty

Sara Lee cheesecake That nobody doesn't like  

Mrs. Smith's pies;  

Jim Beam whiskey brewed in a dry county so cant drink it where it is made;

   Johnny Come Lately;

   Harvey Wallbanger (mixed drink--alcoholic);  

Shirley Temple (do theystill serve those non-alcoholic drinks anywhere?-

Oscar,  Best movie award

   Emmy, Best Television award

   Edgar Best mystery writer named for author of Tell Tale Heart

Dr.  Dentons (footed pajamas);  

Roger Wilco Message received (as a WWII vet, you know that one)  

There are zillions!  Comment from elleme2 - 10/27/05 1:37 PM


elleme2 said...

Two common ones:  A cup of Joe (coffee) and Porta-John (you know!)  Just washed my thinking cap.  When it dries, I'll put it on and be back.

elleme2 said...

Thinking cap still damp but I came up with several more:  Sara Lee cheesecake or poundcake; Mrs. Smith's pies; Jim Beam whiskey; Johnny Come Lately; Harvey Wallbanger (mixed drink--alcoholic); Shirley Temple (do they still serve those non-alcoholic drinks anywhere?); Oscar, Emmy, Edgar -- all awards, Oscar and Emmy we all know, the Edgar is for mystery fiction writing; Dr. Dentons (footed pajamas); Roger Wilco (as a WWII vet, you know that one)...there are zillions!

magogos said...

These are fun to do. Thanks. Margo

jckfrstross said...

Oh i got some right yipee


shopaholic4fun21 said...


Wow you are one of the funniest old guys ever.

I like your journal alot!

Good luck with the Vivi's!