Sunday, February 26, 2006

Patricks weekender game

1. What is the most difficult aspect of your current job? I am retired and finding things to do is most difficult.

2. What is the easiest aspect of your job? Not having to punch a clock.

3. How many keys are there on your keyring right now? Are you able to recall exactly what every key on your keyring actually unlocks? Two rings. Ten keys.  I know what they all do, but one is for an old lock I no longer have

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What kind of an elitist are you? Long dull quiz to find out my main interest is art.  Ho hum.  I am the Art Deco interest personality, but have no talent therein (If that link doesn't work, you are lucky...saves you a boring adventure.)

5. What is your least favorite ethnic food, and what makes it your least favorite? My least favorite food is quiche, but don't know what ethnicity it is, so will have to say Italian.  Pasta is flat, blah, slimey stuff at I abjure.

6. If you were a different person, but were to meet someone identical to who you are and how you behave right now, would you likely be friends with that person? Why or why not? I think I would find myself interesting because I am interested and curious about so many different things.  I would like exploring the world around us with myself, and enjoy my observations about the stuff we discover.  But I would be wary of myself, too.  I would not like to have to share the attention of others with another me.


lv2trnscrb said...

cool answers; I haven't played one of Patrick's weekend games in a bit; maybe will do this one


jckfrstross said...

love your answers:)


bamawmn46 said...

Good answers, Chuck!!  I am envious of #1, though....

jevanslink said...

That quiz said I was a music parvenu, but most of my answers were about books, so go figure. Just because I didn't want my piano stolen, I suppose.  Mrs. L