Thursday, February 2, 2006

Homegrown Oscars -- Weekend assignment 97

We're asked to make up a movie category of our own choosing and then nominate an Oscar for it. 

Category: Best Actress to look like a famous painting

Winner: Scarlett Johannson in Girl with the Pearl Earring.  She looks exactly like the girl in the Vermeer painting of the same name.  The movie features a painting, and I wonder if it is a movie prop made to look like Scarlett, looking like the model in the senenteenth century painting, or a reproduction of the actual Vermeer, which looks like Scarlett in the twenty first century.

Speaking of look alikes, catch the tribute painted by Leanne.  It looks like the actual painting.  Scarlett ought to get in on the bidding for that one.  Looks like her, too. 

Alernate category Longest unecessary remake because the orginal was fine in the first place and there is already an excellent and shorter remakeKing Kong. 

Extra credit: The first movie I remember seing was a silent whose name I do not know, but remember the last scene in which a piece of scenery falls on a stage actor and he has a lingering death scene at fade out.  The first one whose name I remember was The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson.  That was a history maker.  I guess my family knew it was and that is why we went to see it. Imagine: I am old enough to have seen the first talkie -- on its origianl run


garnett109 said...

That is pretty cool to have seen tje first talkie!

mtrib2 said...

I remember staying up on Friday or Saturday nights as a kid to watch some Sci-Fi movies and it was exciting.   A stand out was an atomic energy mutant ant that had a flame thrower used against it in a drainage pipe.    mark

onemoretina said...

    I liked the catagory you created.  Isn't it amazing how much Scarlett Johannson looks like the girl in the painting?  I saw the movie, and read the book.  Scarlett did a wonderful job bringing that character to life, mostly through her expressions, since she had very little dialogue.  Of course, I really liked the book, since it goes into alot more detail about the characters, but I did enjoy the movie.   Tina