Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidents' Day -- Another Quiz

Here's another quiz about presidents.  Drag your cursor over the line to reveal the answer.

What president was the GRANDSON of a president?  Benjamin Harrison, grandson of William Henry Harrison, who served one month in 1841

Which two presidents were impeached?  A. Johnson and Bill Clinton

Which president was sworn in under his nickname?  James Carter, Jimmy

Which president ordered attacks with atomic weapons? Truman

Which president had been the youngest pilot to fly in combat? George H. Bush

Which President was the first to receive the Nobel Peace Prize? T. Roosevelt

Which President approved purchasing Florida from Spain?  Monroe

Which Presidents graduated from West Point?  Grant.Eisnhower

Which President entertained guests by writing Latin with one hand, and Greek with the other?  Garfield

Which president was the first to live in the White House?  John Adams, but only six rooms were finished.

Source: Greenbriar/Scantex (a place mat)

Note on impeachment.  CLINTON IMPEACHED


bamawmn46 said...

FUN FACTS!!  I got Truman...  But did look up the impeachment question... I knew A. Jackson, but couldn't remember if BC was really impeached or if it was it questioned.....   I think that anyone who could write Latin with one hand and Greek with the other is worth mentioning...  Is there anyone out there who can do that now??  

jevanslink said...

Grandson -- a Harrison?
Impeched -- Clinton and Nixon?
Nickname -- Stonewall Jackson?
Atomic attack -- Truman
Youngest pilot -- First Bush
Nobel Prize -- Carter
Florida from Spain -- Jefferson? or was he Louisiana? Hmmm
West Point -- Eisenhower
Latin and Greek -- JFK?  FDR? Can you tell I'm guessing? Maybe Wilson
First in White House -- too long ago

Do I get my paper graded and sent back?

Mrs. L

jaykolb said...

The alert said "Nobel Peach Prize" - I see you've corrected it.  But at first, I wondered if that was something like the "Pullet Surprise".

Many people don't realize that "he's been impeached" is like "she's been sued".  It doesn't imply any particular conclusion.


mtrib2 said...

Interesting facts.    Was Clinton actually impeached?   I thought that it went to a vote in Congress and lacked the votes for official impeachment which would have meant his removal from office?    mark

jckfrstross said...

I love these even if i don't get any right:)


elleme2 said...

I think Eisenhower also graduated from West Point.

chasferris said...

I try to make corrections as you send them in.  thank you.  Chuck

valphish said...

Wow, writing Greek with one hand and Latin with the other!  Very interesting! xox