Thursday, February 16, 2006

Random Notes

   Just because I haven't added any entries for a week.

   They are called "ice cream spoons", and have small bowls and long handles.  They were designed to get ice cream from the bottom of deep soda glasses.  But mine are ideal for eating peanut butter from the jar.  Small scoops and they reach the bottom of the peanut butter jar. A teaspoon full of peanut butter would take forever to melt off the roof of your mouth.  An ice cream spoonful is just right.

   It would be better to put the peanut butter on bread, or crackers, but I never seem to have any of those at eleven pm when I get the "munchies". 

   First I got out a can of tuna, and turned it over and over in my hand, imagining the savor of tuna in oil.  But without crackers, that would be too intense.  So I turned to peanut butter, straight, from the jar, the way we goober addicts take it. Peanut butter AND jelly ON bread?  Sissy stuff. Spoonfuls, right from the jar.  Now, that's a midnight snack.

   Another random note:  Lap top.  When my Grandson's buddy hooked up my DSL, he also configured my laptop and my desktop into a "network".  Soon I will be able to make a journal entry from my bed...won't that be nice. 

   I laughed at my own joke yesterday when I signed on to my "network".  The menu came up and offered two computers to link.... "Pavilion" and "Lumpy". 

   "Pavilion" referred to my Hewlett-Packard, but "Lumpy"?  I had completely forgotten that I had named the laptop "Lumpy" because it was manufactured in Kuala Lumpar. 



jevanslink said...

Is there such a thing as peanut butter ice cream?  Bet that would be good -- crunchy and plain. With honey or caramel throughout.  I'm getting hungry.  Mrs. L

elleme2 said...

From a fellow peanut-butter-straight-from-the-jar fan, I hope you have found my favortie brand, Smuckers.  List of Ingredients?  Peanuts.  Period.  Or the slightly enhanced version: Peanuts, Salt. Period.  No goopy partially hydrogenated oils, sugar, preservatives and other gunk--just fresh peanuts.  Really good.

kateh2ocolorart said...

It's so funny to hear you talk about "Ice Tea spoons" as I've always known them used for getting peanut butter out of the jar by the spoonful...I get after hubby for doing just that! GRRRR!  Elleme mentioned Smuckers ... we like Adam's and Laura Scudder's for the same reason...just peanuts!  YUM and good for you!

jckfrstross said...

yum i love PB right out of the jar but only the smooth kind


mtrib2 said...

Time to stock up on munchie items.    I have been off peanut butter for some time.   My preferred stomach requisition is the loaves of Earth Grain bread that I get at the Big Lots after they are removed from the big supermarkets shelves and discounted.   I buy 5 loaves a week on Sunday.   I enjoy the bread which some have nuts and other multi grain and whole wheat selections.   They are the wider loaves and not the plain sandwich bread.   I just eat them plain and fill the empty part of my stomach and brain.    Sometimes a variety of inexpensive Deli Soda Crackers and I share some with my dog.   mark

nyboots said...

1-Youre lucky, my residents cant have any food in their room!
2-I use my laptop in bed all the time. I have actually fallen asleep in the middle of chatting with someone lol!
3- I just used that spoon when I was snowed in last week to get the end of the mayo for my tuna fish sandwich!

lv2trnscrb said...

love the name of your computers! I'm also a eat it out of the jar peanut butter lover. Never thought to use those ice cream spoons though.


deslily said...

funny how we never outgrow peanutbutter and jelly.. not matter how we eat it! lol