Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Tongue Twisters

Since my recent entry was so popular, (three comments) here are more tongue twisters I made up long ago when I was a speech therapist.

Bill was boiling a bowling ball when the bell began tolling ceaselessly.

Larry Layne made an oral report about Lunar Luminescences.

Cars at Merced High run through the school's own school zone.

Some Marines serve on submarines.

You'd like a wooden shoe, wouldn't you?

Edgar Allen Poe wrote the Tell Tale Heart.

Compulsory arbitration is abhorrent to management.

Grimm tells fairy tales daily.

The younger male Mayo brother, Mel, read the elder Mayo brothers' mail.

Mister Litts, the mist lister, made lists of mists with his lisping lips.

Will Lon loan you an aluminum wheelbarrow load of linoleum?

Ned once said he wants Ted to say what Ed wants said.

He harbored Ed and fed Ed bread.

Those were mine, and here's one right out of the drill book we used.

A flash of lightning showed the fishing ship in the shallows close to shore.  With one great crushing motion, the ocean dashed it against the shoal.

Voice and Articulation Drillbook by Grant Fairbanks, Ph.D., Professor of Speech, University of Illinois. Harper and Brothers, New York and London 1940

P.S. I am having fun... here are some more from the Drillbook... it is probably out of copyright by now.

Sally banged the black Packard into a taxicab. It was badly damaged by the crash.

"For Breakfast," said Father, "I find that coffee is the staff of life.  I refuse to to be softened by all this foolishness about half a grapefruit."

Bless you, Father, you made my teaching days a lot of fun.




garnett109 said...

With all that stuttering , I need a beer to drink and windex to clean of the screen Lol

jckfrstross said...

LOL what tongue twisters


mavarin said...

I must stress that I'm not so impressed with the Drill ones, but still, the ones by Chuck crack me up and get me stuck!


plieck30 said...

I enjoyed trying to repeat these fast. Thanks, Paula