Thursday, March 2, 2006

My Own Version of AOL Newsquiz

If you have been reading Dribble for a while, you might be able to answer some of these questions.  As always, run your cursor over the answer space to reveal it.

1. Dribblist Chuck Ferris is in which decade of his life? Thirties, fifties, seventies, eighties? Eighties, He is 81.

2. Which of these modes of transportation has Chuck never operated? His own airplane, An electric scooter, a powerboat, A van, A crew racing shell, Stilts, A unicycle? A pogo stick? He kept falling off the unicycle and the pogo stick. He has operated all the others.

3. Which of these pictures does not show a person named Ferris?

They all do.


garnett109 said...

The last one is a trick question , the all show forms of chuck ferris?

jckfrstross said...

Dribblist is a trickster:)


bamawmn46 said...

STILTS??  Perhaps you should rerun that entry.......LOL

chasferris said...

(See comment below).  Stilts.  One Christmas, when I was an adult with kids of my own, my Dad made stilts for my daughter and my nephew.  Those wonderfult homemade toys were the hit of season.  Of course I tried them too...even though I wore a wooden leg by then.  Yep, I have walked on stilts.

valphish said...

Well, I knew they were all named Ferris =)!!  I got 1 and 3 right.  2 was kind of hard there, Chuck.  LOL