Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thanks for the Memories - Continued

   More reflections on the song Thanks for the Memories, second entry below.  When the book comes out, this will be a part of that entry.

   I have always imagined a fellow singing this to his absent fickle minded sweetheart, but it would work just as well, if a sentimental lady were singing to a macho fellow who "loved her and then left her". 

   He (or she) sings of "burned toast and prunes".  What an image to have to remember as a romantic interlude.  what do you suppose happened?  They spent a beautiful night together and woke to find only toast and prunes for breakfast, and they burned the toast. Were they angry? No they we so in love that the laughed it off and made it part of their memory log.

   "Chuckles when the preacher said, 'for better or for worse.' " Whoa, they got married? But chuckling at the wedding vows? Maybe it was an interlude at a wedding chapel and they pretended to marry and could chuckle about their "I do's".  That would be a bittersweet memory for someone reflecting on how sweet it had been.

   It is a rueful torch song, but unlike the "blues", there are no regrets... or ostensibly so.  The singer certainly has plenty, and is so sorry it is over, What was wrong with the silly lover who chucked all this romance?  If we can still be sentimental about an empty purse at an important moment, it must have been love.



garnett109 said...

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mavarin said...

Bob Hope and Shirley Ross introduced the song in the film "Big Broadcast Of 1938," each taking turns singing a line. Their failed marriage was years behind theim, and their memories were bittersweet.  (Ross's character Cleo is one of three ex-wives of Hope's character, Buzz, all of whom are on the ship, along with Buzz's latest fiancee.)  In a way it's the same kind of duet as "I Remember It Well" or even "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off."