Saturday, March 18, 2006

Movie review - Sixth Sense

Right now it is commercial time on the ABC broadcast of Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis.

It was panned by critics when it was in movie houses, BUT it seems pretty good.  Sort of spooky.  But... on comercial TV... it moves  so....slow....I....can't bear it.  I have to do something else while it is on... like write in my journal.  

More later.... maybe.  The kid is sneaking upstairs now...oooooh.

LATER...Film about eighty percent over... still moving incredibly slow. Viewer not let in on any of the mystery... where is this going... who cares.  I agree with critics....sort of a waste of time.  Final critique in about twenty minutes.

TEN MINUTES TO GO:  Right here at denoument...scene between kid and his mom.  She is crying...but I am not getting enough of the dialog to understand.  Kids are hard to understand for me at any time. Is it worth getting the DVD and playing it with captions?  Might help...but could I sit through this long, long movie again?  Don't think the simplistic ghost story is worth it.  Will be watching for your comments....

IT'S OVER.  The ending was as confusing as the narrative.  Was the whole thing a dying vision of the hero? And how did the vision resolve anything. 

Sorry, Bruce, I think I will stick with Mel Gibson for my dramas from now on. Cancel that order for the DVD.

POST SCRIPT..Sixth Sense as viewed the next morning.

Mavarin writes comments...:

Well, you're not supposed to figure out until the end that Bruce Willis is dead.
Well, not only that...didn't figure it out until middle of following night
Three scenarios.
one.  Willis dies, and as ghost meets kid (who actually sees ghosts) and gets him over fear of ghosts by telling him to listen to them. In whole thing Willis (Malcolm) is dead.
two Malcolm has a patient who thinks he sees ghosts, Malcolm gets him over his fears, then dies and goes and sees kid. the kid solves Malcolm's unfinished business with his wife.
three kid is psychotic (or autistic) and sees and hears visions, one of which is a ghost named Malcolm that cures him.
There are problems with all three scenarios. If Malcolm is a ghost, how can the kid's mother hear him?
Anyway not sure a movie is worth this kind of study.  Seems like you should be able to put the brain in neutral and let the movie flow in and out without filters.
Bruce, if you read blogs, make a comment and tell me how to interpret the plot.  Must have made sense to you, or you wouldn't have made it.


jckfrstross said...

i hate it when they take a good movie and add commercials ugh..enjoy your sunday:)


lv2trnscrb said...

I see dead people; that line is very memorable from that movie. I figured how what was going on way before the end of the movie. We were fortunate to rent it first rather than deal with commercials


mavarin said...

I like that movie.

bamawmn46 said...

I started to watch that movie last night, but passed.  I've tried to watch it before and remembered it as being rather to slow for me.   I guess we agree!

garnett109 said...

he sees dead people , the kid is trying to save himself