Sunday, March 19, 2006

Quiz - song titles

Let's see if you can name these well known songs by reading the lyrics to their less-well known introductions. (As always, drag your cursor over the hidden lines to reveal them.)


As the war clouds gather, far across the sea..

>>God Bless America<<


A western ranch is just a branch of Nowhere Junction to me

Gimmie the city were livin's pretty and gals wear finery.

East is east and west is west and the wrong one I have chose

Let's go where you'll keep on wearing

Rings and things, and >> buttons and bows <<


There's a garden - what a garden -

Only happy faces bloom there

And there's never any room there

For the weary or the gloom there

Oh, there's music, and there's dancing

And a lot of sweet romancing

And when they play the >> Polka <<

Etc... >> Beer Barrel Polka <<


Perfume in the air and rare flowers everywhere

And white shadows we would share at Wai-ki-ki

A sky full of stars and sof far away guitars

It seems to be, only a reverie

Night and you, and >> Blue Hawaii <<


Something very strange and mystic happened to me oo oo

Something realistic and as weird as can be oo oo

Something that I feared somehow is now endeared to me

With a funny feeling and yet so true oo oo

Did a thing like this ever happen to you oo oo

Did you ever>> Ever see a dream walking> <<  Well, I did.


Do you recall a year ago tonight?

We stood and watched the golden sun descending

When love had just begun -

Why did there have to be an ending.

Do you recall a year ago tonight?

I found my thrill -- >>On Blueberry Hill - On Blueberry Hill<<

When I found you,the moon stood still >> On blueberry Hill <<


The mailman passes by and I just wonder why

He never stops to ring my front door bell

There's not a line from that dear old love of mine

No, not a word since last I heard "Farewell"

Chorus:  I'm gonna >> sit right down and write myself a letter <<


Music helps me to remember

It helps remind me, of things behind me

Tho' I'm better off forgetting

I try in vain each time I hear that strain

Chorus:  It >> seems to me I;ve heard that song before <<


Chorus: Oh I have walked down this street before

But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before

All at once am I, several stories high

Knowing I'm >> On the street where you live <<


Every rolling stone gets to feel alone

When home sweet home is far away

I'm a rolling stone - who's been so alone -- until today

Chorus: >> Gonna take a sentimental Journey <<

Gonna set my heart at ease

>> Gonna make a sentimental journey <<

To renew old memories


bamawmn46 said...

I got #6 and that's it.....  

jckfrstross said...

i did not get any right:(


garnett109 said...

only got #1 And #6 I like that cursor drag thing

garnett109 said...

you got me on those also thanks my friend

jckfrstross said...

still got none right lol have a good week