Friday, March 10, 2006

Life of Other Worlds

Weekend Assignment #102: Do you honestly think there is life out there in the universe? And if so, what kind of life do you think it is?

Extra Credit:
Name your favorite (fictional) alien creature.

Oh, yes. Using Carl Sagan's logic: There are billions and billions of stars, so there must be billions and billions of planets, and some must be suitable for life. So logically life must have evolved, or is evolving, on some. 

It is certainly hard to tell what it would be like.  Just on our own planet we have so many different forms we can't count them all. They might be living boulders, intelligent slugs, or sentient vapors.

As for my favorite fictional alien creature I would have to consider ET, Uncle Martin, and Alf.  Alf would win.  He was amiable, unflappable.  He struggled to keep his alien urges in check.  After all, cats were a delicacy on Melmac where he came from.  It was almost all he could do to keep from swallowing the family pet


jckfrstross said...

i agree i loved watching alf lol he was always after that poor cat lucky


penguine4050 said...


mavarin said...

Aha!  So it was Carl Sagan's concept I was playing with last night.  I thought it might be,but Iwanted to drag Douglas Adams into it anyway.  

I like Uncle Martin myself.  I've met both the late Ray Walston of My Favorite Martian - well, not so much met as ate in the same room, a table away - and Max Wright of ALF.  Wright wasn't that impressed when my friend mentioned ALF, but he lit up with enthusiasm when I mentions his other sf series, Misfits of Science.


mtrib2 said...

thanks for reminding me about my favorite martion.   Uncle Martin was great.   I never did no what elf did.    I have visiting cats in my barn that I wouldn't mind having him around for.     I am an animal lover but when they start using my barn for their gathering place it wears on my nerves.   mark

monponsett said...

I had an Alf doll for most of my later childhood... I cried when it got flooded and I had to throw it out. I miss my Alf.