Friday, March 10, 2006

Dribblist Intimidated

(This is my fifth start on this entry.  Ho Hum.  Been booted four times, and failed to connect on some retries.  Had it all done once, lacking only the SAVE .. and blooey. Don't know if it my computer, or aol.  Are you having more than usual amount of trouble logging on, staying on, and accessing your blog?)

I took my scooter out day before yesterday in hopes of getting some pictures of the blooming almond trees.  I drove my scooter with one hand and held the camera with the other, and was not paying enough attenttion to my driving, and I tipped the blooming thing over.  I went sprawling on the black top and the camera flew too.

Scooters are squat and heavy, and I didn't even know you COULD tip one over.

Did this eighty one year old man jump up and remount his steed, as legend says one should?  Not exactly.  Two passers by came to my rescue.  One set the scooter up and tried to get me up, but it took two of them... they literally lifted me to my feet.  There were no broken hips, so I mounted the scooter and went in search of first-aid for my scraped elbow.

Today, with band-aid still on my elbow, I ventured to the nearby mall.  I scootered very cautiously, and I was pretty jittery. You can be sure I kept both hands on the tiller. 

We had a nice party today.  My tablemate Jim is 87 years old today, and he decided to treat everybody, residents and staff, to store bought pizza, ice cream cake, and Pepsi Cola. There were balloons and candles and we sang happy birthday.  I would like to give a party like that when my birthday comes.

With any luck, I will get this posted before I get booted again. I didn't, and I have no confidence in this attempt...the next morning.


penguine4050 said...

Sorry to hear you fell, but thank goodness you did not get hurt more.  Those scooters are heavy and you were lucky.  Do you have a basket on the scooter that you could put the camera in? Sounds like you had fun at the party.  Chuck be safe out there and hope the elbow is not to bad.

garnett109 said...

Take care of the elbow my friend!

msecz said...

I'm glad you only got a scraped elbow.... did the camera make it through ok? Hope this day is a good one, sandra

plittle said...

Glad there was no serious injury. Physical injury, I mean. You can never see those people who helped you again.

I have been having connection problems for several days now.

kateh2ocolorart said...

HEY DAD, I'm thinkin'....what about a camera holder fashioned like a harmonica holder (don't know what they're called)...then you could have basically hands free aiming until time to "shoot".  Love, Kate

lv2trnscrb said...

Wow, that must have been a frightening thing when the scooter overturned. Thankfully, it was "just" a scrape. Also thankful people came over to assist you. I haven't had any problems with getting on to AOL or journaling lately; sorry you have had problems.

Your table mates birthday sounded like a great one! Wish him a happy belated birthday!


jckfrstross said...

you are lucky you weren't hurt bad. glad you are ok just make sure you drive with both hands and take pics when stopped lol the party sounds fun. pizza and cake and pepsi can't go wrong there:) have a good weekend


plieck30 said...

Glad you weren't hurt too bad. Don't think I have ever seen an almond tree. We have our share of pecan trees. Paula

nicurnmama said...

I hope you are least when you wake up not too sore.
Take care.