Friday, June 27, 2008

Guest Typist

Hello, my name is Stanley Hahn, designated typist for Chuck today. And it is an honor.  Chuck says (he is dictating)...

....I had a bad morning! The staff came in to transfer me from toilet to wheel chair but I was so weak that my legs gave out, and I sank to the floor.  Then it took the whole staff to lift me into my chair. I was exhausted, but unhurt.  Now when I have to transfer, I have to call for help...not one or two...but three care givers come to help me make the transfer. 


....Talk about loss of dignity...but I am well, even if out of breath.

I would like to make this funny, but I don't know haw to make the situation funny. Suggestions appreciated.  Stanley types 10 times faster that I, ( or so he thinks) so it should be easier to read.  Thanks, Stanley for your typing.


Gotta go...time for lunch but I'm not finished with breakfast yet...still sipping on a soda for breakfast.


See you later!



mawmellow said...

Chuck so sorry to hear that you've had a lousy morning.  Waving hi to Stanley and thanking him for making an entry today.  It's always good to know that Chuck is "ok" and facing another day !!  Love his entries and his knowledge !!!

garnett109 said...

No loss of dignity there my friend, and what you did for this country they should be honored to help a great soldier like you out any time.
Can't think of any thing funny chuck, so I bid you farewell, alas shit or get off the pot!

garnett109 said...

oops i was reading to fast , thought you were on the commode, sorry for my comment before

bamawmn46 said...

First of all, thanks Stanley for helping out our dear friend!

Second, Chuck... you can hold your head up high and not even think about having a loss of dignity. All of us readers would love to be able to be there to help you out if we could. Can you imagine?  All these readers from all parts of the country.

I salute you, Chuck Ferris, for being as brave now as you were during WWII!!


sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck, sorry you aren't feeling well. The weather here sounds like we are going to have a storm, we need some rain but lately all we have been getting is just the thunder. Hello to Stanley it is nice he will do this for you. We always want to know how you are doing. Take care my friend. Sib.

peytonswater said...

When I had my 2nd son I had been given a epidural. Certain it had long wore off I desperatley had to PEE. I refused to be humiliated and use that stupid bed pan. The bathroom wasn't far away so I was certain I could get there.  I swung my legs out of bed (they felt a week, but hey, I was 27) and the nurse walked in. <sigh> she offered to help me, fine.  I took a few steps and fell and knocked my shoulder and head on the sink. The lady didn't hold a candle to helping me up.  In came 1 other nurse, then another, now I had 3, all helping me pee at age 27 and it HURT.  So, your not the only one that has done this :) It's good your not hurt, that's the important thing!

Oh and tell Chuck thanks! He's not a good as typer as you but did good enough for me! hahahahahhahahahaha

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((CHUCK))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you arent feling well.I do hope you feel better soon.Hello to Stanley,thank you for helping out Chuck.Have a nice weekend.

specialadyfink said...

Thanks for sitting in for Chuck,Stanley-ya did good!
Don't think you lost any dignity there Chuck-we've all been there -done that and are still held together with spit and glue.
And the nurses -well just remember you ain't got nothin they haven't seen or won't see a millions times again.They think Nothing of it.
Hope you're doin better by now.
Many cyber hugs

plieck30 said...

Glad Stanley was there to fill in for you Chuck. Hope you will be stronger soon. Paula

gehi6 said...

Good to read your words, Chuck.  Happy trails to you!  Gerry