Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is That All You Wanted?


What human condition warrants thirteen different kinds of medicine?  That s what there were in the tin holder I dropped. Thirteen bottles of prescription meds.  All over the floor.  In the tin holder they were in order...numbered according to when I was to take each. Now they lay like pied type, in disarray.

   I left them for at least an hour while I considered the matter.  I cannot pick up all thirteen from my wheelchair. I pulled the cord for the caregiver. And nobody came. 

   So I got my "grabber", that reaching tool for handicapped folks and began to lift each one onto the bed where  could resort them.  They were round and escaped the grabber easily. Neretheless, I had them all but two by the time the caregiver arrived. She bent over, picking them up easly, and  puting them on the bed.

Then she asked, "Is that all you wanted?"  The "You lazy lout" was in my imagination. No it wasn't all, it is just that your timing was perfect


peytonswater said...

I wish I could giggle but I can't. It makes me angry to see such rude inconsiderate souls working with fine people like yourself. It's also the reason I want to become a nurse aid and work in retirement homes and nursing homes because I want to give someone a warm smile, I nice talk and to hopefully make someones day brighter and happy.

I would have picked those pills up for you in a heartbeat and joked while doing so.


plieck30 said...

Oh I feel for you on this one. Paula

valphish said...

Oh, Chuck, that makes me very angry!  I hope the rest of your day goes well, sweetheart.  I love you! xox

madcobug said...

That was very rude of the caregiver to say that. She should have come sooner or sent someone else if she was tied up with another patient. I am sorry she did you that way. I hope the rest of your day goes a lot better. Helen

garnett109 said...

I'm Having a bad day also.
I'd have her give me a spounge bath, help change, then a massage and what ever I could think of at the time just for saying that.
Chuck my friend Have a great day!

sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck,
It's not only there we have nurses in nursing homes and hospitals here  that don't want to do their jobs. It's an insult to them to ask  for help. I think sometimes they pick some of the wrong people for that job. Next time make a big mess and wait and let them them to clean it. Lol  Have a nice day. Sib

jeadie05 said...

She gets her money under false pretences Jan xx

jmorancoyle said...

    Had an experience like that yesterday. You wonder how these people keep their jobs after hearing them talk.

bamawmn46 said...

There is nothing like perfect timing! Did you get the meds all straightened out in your tin box?  I hate it when everything is just 'perfect' and then something happens to mess it all up!


ceilisundancer said...

Oy, my gosh.  She took way too long as I can imagine how long it took you to get all but 2 of those pills.  Good for you, however.