Monday, June 9, 2008

I've Been Busy

    Have you been missing me?  I've been missing you.  I have been busy.. trying to get my pain medication balanced.  Need enough to ease the hurting, but not enough to make me loopy, confused, lost in a haze.

   I am confused enough as it is.  For example, I cannot do simple mental arithmetic.  I woke at 4:37, but I couldn't rouse myself enough to get out of bed until 4:51.  I asked myself how long it took me to waken.  I tried to subtract 37 from 51 in my head.  I simply could not..nor can I now.  I will need to write it down. That bothers me. Is it the medication that has dulled my thinking?  Or is it just me, dumb as a box of rocks?

  Life in the old folks home goes on... as goofy as ever  A caregiver was leaving my room.

CAREGIVER: Do you want your door open or closed

ME: Open, please.

   The caregiver goes out and shuts the door. I was amused.  But then a different caregiver was in a few minutes later and as she was leaving asked

2ND CAREGIVER  Do you want your door open or closed?

ME: Open, please

   Caregiver leaves...shutting the door.  Now I am laughing out loud.

Life goes on, from one weird thing to anoter.


madcobug said...

Good morning Chuck. I would think the medicines are causing you to not concentrate right. That is weird those two asking you about the door and then doing right opposite from what you asked. I am glad that you find it amusing instead of getting mad about it. Just so you know alerts are not working this morning. I just pulled up your site to see if you had posted this morning and sure enough you had.  Helen

sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck I so glad to see you back I've checked on you each day. I'm sure it is your medication I think you are one smart guy. Funny the way your caregivers did shutting your door. Lol.

domsmom27 said...

Cuz people don't listen. They only hear what they want to hear.         Marlene

jocalodave said...

I suspect the caregivers have been "sampling" some of your medicine...

specialadyfink said...

Next time say .'oh would you mind slaming it shut real hard,I'm in a bad mood and don't feel like going over and doing it myself'-they'll leave it open!!!!

plieck30 said...

I know what---just tell the caregivers the opposite of the way you would like the door to be. Might work, try it. Paula

helmswondermom said...

I loved Connie's comment below!  That just might work.  I'm glad you are finding things to laugh about -- guess with other humans around, there'll always be things to laugh about.  I'm sure the medicine is messing up your head a bit, making things fuzzy.  Be well.

valphish said...

LOL  Oh my.  Do what I do, count on your fingers when you feel stupid.  I missed you, sweets.  Love, Val xox

peytonswater said...

Well first off, I need a paper & pen myself so, alas, this is life. However obviously your better off then 2 caregivers that can't do even the simplist of tasks..........LISTEN!
I have never read a Sherlock book, that is impressive that you would know which book by a few sentances, I think your doing quite well my friend :)