Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Don't Get It

   I was in my recliner and not abut to move  A visitor stopped by my door and remarked, "I always look to see what slogan you have posted for the day."

   "Oh," said I, "I haven't posted it yet.  But come on in  You can help"

   He came in and I handed him today's slogan  It said, "Turnips really make a stew, but Parsnips stand alone"  He was clearly puzzled.  That amused me.  I asked hm to hang it on the door  He did so with great reluctance.  Clearly he did not get it.

   I said, " Sometimes there is nothing to get. That is part of the fun/" He hung the slogan hesitating and looking at me.  But he hung it, and departed, no doubt shaking his head.

   That, too, is part of the fun...for me.


garnett109 said...

ok , i did not get it either but i'll sit here all day dwelling on it .

jeadie05 said...

Oh you tease ,but gosh you are such good fun ,I wish I had a resident like you when I managed a sheltered housing complex Jan xx

bamawmn46 said...