Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upside Down Night

Went to bed at eight PM.  Woke up at two AM.  Now everythng is out of whack. I'll talk to you in the morning wehn I am awake again...hope not still.

LATER 7:15 am  Finally got some rest.  Waiting for breakfast now.  Took  tour of garden.  Twiggy has the nicest crop of second bloom red roses in the garden.  More later.

LATER: 8:45 am  cALLED COUSIN bERTHA.NO ANSWER.  nO ANSWER FROM A NURSNG HOME? cURIOUS.  sorry about the Caps Key... too lazy to type ofver.  Breakfast a bite of Oatmeal and one poached egg.  Not  bad.  Off to play music for exercise class.  More Latler.

11AM: They had a doll show here with a lot of pretty dolls; etnic types and I was able to play some music for the fun and fitness..Mandy the nurse came and treated my various ailments. We had a heart to heart talk. More later.

2:30 PM  Lunch was a piece of chcken, mandarine oranges, cottage cheese.  Then a half an hour nap.  ..More later...

3:00 PM  Got put on new protocol.  Every transfer... chair to chair, chair to toilet, chair to bed, bed to anything...will be done with caregivers' aid.  Changes my life style IMMENSELY.

4:00 PM  Girlfriend Anne came over. We had supper together,then held hands through two and half men.

9:00 PM  A caregiver put me to bed where I stayed until four am. Two  caregivers got me up and I wnt out and looked at the waning moon. 

4:00 AM  Wrote this.  That's it for this entry.


bamawmn46 said...

Well, I'm up at 4:30 am. I'm going back to bed myself. I hate it when this happens because I'm just sleepy the next day.

Hope you are now sleeping,

peytonswater said...

I pray you get the sleep you deserve and need. I understand about this being therapy.

garnett109 said...

Chuck ask for a sleeping pill

valphish said...

My sleep gets off like that, too.  I hope it gets back on track.  Can you take something for sleep if this keeps happening?  Love, Val xox

plieck30 said...

Its later in the day now so I hope you are getting a good nap in. Paula

sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck, I hope you are feeling better and here from your cousin soon. 8:00 PM is to early for my bed time I usally get to bed around 11:30 PM and up around 8:00 AM. Some nights I don't sleep to good either. Take care and hope you have a more restful night.

jckfrstross said...

wow what a busy day:) keep writing


specialadyfink said...

Now those entries has me worried.Not like yourself

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((CHUCK)))))))))))))))))))))))))))You had a busy day.Its good to keep busy.Hope you are feeling better.

lurkynat said...

what a cute entry! thanks!