Friday, November 4, 2005

Frustration - so what else is new?

I spent an hour on an entry to the journal. Then I minimized it while I looked up an address to link. But I could never find it again. Some people never learn to "save" while they are working.  Why is that?

I decided NOT to recreate it. It was about the word oeuvre. Wauldn't that have been nice?


plieck30 said...

Thats okay it made this ole' country girl look it up in the dicitionary. Now I know a new word if I can just remember it. Thanks, Paula

plittle said...

"oeuvre" That is an amalgamation of two French words meaning a book about eggs.

Isn't it?

plittle said...

By the way, did you notice that this is entry #666? Obviously your previous attempt was stolen by the Devil.

jckfrstross said...

aww sorry you lost it


fisherkristina said...

Sorry to hear Chuck.  I know how frustrating that gets.


valphish said...

oh, so sorry.  I always do my entries in a document so I don't lose it.  Just press Ctrl+d and there you go!  A document window!  When you are done copy and paste into a new entry in your journal!  Scalzi recommended this one day in his journal.  This is where I found this out.  Hey, you have a good weekend, Chuck! xox

monponsett said...

You should "open" that topic.