Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pie? Oh, my.

    I, who often says, "No dessert, thank you," had TWO pieces of pie for dessert last night. One was cherry and the other was apple. And the part I liked best was the little crimped end of the crust. Clella, my tablemate, left the little crimped end on the plate, like so many folks do.

    "Oh, Clella," I said, "You're leaving the best part on the plate. That crust is especially delicious tonight."  Clella smiled and said something but did not eat the crust.  Clella is old and frail, and I usually do not understand what she says, but she smiled and was agreeable, so she was not offended by my advice on what to eat. So I smiled in return and nodded in agreement.

    I did not offer to finish the crust on her plate. It was tasty, but two were enough.

    I do not know why I am a "skip the dessert cart" person ordinarily, nor why I was not last evening. I am old, and I have the right to change my mind.

    In the mornings we have a "choice of juice" on the breakfast menu, but, in fact, the choice is made for us by the waiter who fills our glass before we come in with what we had the last time he served us.

    My this is drivel.  I have become what I hate, gushy.

   Erase this entry.


herheadsnacloud said... it. Bambi

firestormkids04 said...

TWO pieces of pie?  Oh my!  Good entry, Chuck.  I enjoy drivel.  Blessings, Penny

sieblonde said...

Gushy?   I don't know about that.   Nothing wrong with writing the little thoughts along with the big ones is there?  And I happen to like the pie crust best too.  ~Sie

kateh2ocolorart said...

It was the weather...threatening to rain, cold wind, but still SUNNY...makes us eat more!  Luv Kate

kraztweety2 said...

Your entries always make me want to visit an old folks home. I think it would be fun to listen to all the adventures they have been through in their life. I used to have a teacup poodle and I wanted to take him to an old folks home so that they can see a dog and have someone visit them. That is as far as it went.
My favorite part of the pie is usually the crust also unless it is burnt, also whipped cream. YUMMY!!

ryanagi said...

Why is a craving for pie "gushy"? I had a craving for pastry this morning and got a cherry danish at Panera Bread. Mmm mmm! Succulent!

jckfrstross said...

Yum i love pie:)


penguine4050 said...


plieck30 said...

No problem for me to eat two pieces of pie. I love chocolate pie and if it has vanillia ice cream or cool whip on top it is even better. Paula

monponsett said...

Now I want pie.