Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A journal that self corrects...

...is what I need.

I make lots of mistakes in my journal, like the number of teeth in a full adult set...and often in the lead sentence or question.  There are 32 teeth in a full adult set, not 28. The irony is that I was corrected by a reader who was born with eleven fingers. (How many fingers on a full set of two hands? Don't answer that, you may not be speaking to the right person.)

Anyway, journaling is fun, even if you are poor at research.  Because in this J-land there are people who DO know.  Everything.  And it is easy to comment.  And it is fun to get comments. And it is easy to go back to your entries and correct errors.

And, oh, my spelling.  I see a Spell Check option in upper right corner of the tool bar.  At last, hoo-ray.

I like Wikipaedia, an encyclopaedia that you can make additions to. Seems like a good way to keep up to the minute, have people add data to your encyclopaedia with information they have.  And if they make a mistake, no problem, someone will come along and correct that shortly.

Harry Morgan played Pete on Pete and Gladys AFTER he played Joe Gannon on Dragnet, and BEFORE he played Colonel Potter on Mash. (By the way, that is M.A.S.H., not Mash.)

William Boyd played Hopalong Cassidy whose horse was NOT Champion, but Topper. Champion was Gene Autry's horse and Alan Autry (Bubba in The heat of the night) is mayor of Fresno, CA, and if he had a horse, I do not know about it.  These things get straightened out sooner of later. Cosmo Topper was a character in Topper, and did not have a horse.

So when I decided to do an entry on artificial sweeteners, I thought I would call on J-land to gather my data.  Here's what I know about sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners

Acesulfame potassium (Sunett)

Aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal)

Sucralose (Splenda)

D-Tagatose (Sugaree)

Saccharin (Sweet 'N Low) ,


Are there others? What about Sucrose, Dextrose, and Fructose? Are they sweeteners too, and are they artificial? Waiting to hear from you, my experts.


fisherkristina said...

I don't know, lol.


mavarin said...

Sucrose, dextrose, and fructose are naturally occurring sugars.  Sucrose is in cane sugar.  Fructose is in fruit.  Dextrose is in something else.  ;)


jckfrstross said...

No clue lol


deslily said...

and Cosmo Topper was played by Leo G Carroll!.. heh..



valphish said...

I know that sucrose is cane sugar and fructrose is fruit sugar.  I looked up dextrose and it said that it was dextrorotatory sucrose...So I looked that up and it said...rotating the plane of polarization toward the right..as in crystals...I suppose it is a special type of sucrose crystal...I am no scientist! lol  Take care, Chuck!!  From, the gal with the eleven fingers, also known as polydactylism...xoxox

deslily said...

Hey Chuck.. i don't know the value on your "autograph" but check these two sites out and maybe it will give you an idea.. i think ummmm, it's worth a nice penny!