Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I had a horrible night. Slept in short segments and had an awful dream.  At least I was walking. I was on a middle eastern tour doing what, I know not, but the United States did something to irritate the Arabs whose country it was, and they interned us all, along with Arab civilians in an Arabian prision.    They insisted on Arabian customs which we Americans did not know nor appreciate. It was miserable sleeping on straw on cement floors. (My bed is uncomfortable, no wonder I dreamed that.) They herded us around, threatening to shoot us at any time. My only escape was to wake up, and leave the others behind. Hope they woke up soon.

Later: Anna, from Pittsburgh, comments below that she would like an Arabian dream, with some great Middle Eastern food, but that I probably didn't have any of that.  I sent her an email saying ...

 Dear Anna,

   You are right, there was no food in my nightmare. Only crowded accomodations, hard floors, and strange customs.  Of course, the customs were not really Arabian customs, only my imaginary ones. In fact, the fact that we were all hered together, men, women, American and Arabian, sleeping in common quarters, seems pretty unlikely. There was lots of intimidation, but no violence, and I am sure that was influenced by news broadcasts I have seen.  The horrible sleeping arrangements were no doubt influenced by my discomfort last night. I wasn't able to snuggle down and enjoy my bed at all for some reason. My tablemate at breakfast, in our old folks home, commented, "My gosh, what did you eat before you went to bed?"

   I don't remember eating anything, but something bothered me.  Diet cola in the evening is NOT a good nightcap.    And I itch this morning.  Maybe it is all an allergy? Chuck

   Another postscript: Even more about dreams to Anna and Firestormkid (whose comment is below also)  Yes, I have had recurring dreams, remembering one dream in a later one  In fact, I have even "harnessed" that phenomenon and willed myself to dream pleasant experiences again.

   Dreams are fascinating, and I feel sorry for people who say that they either do not dream or forget them as soon as they wake.    When I have a pleasant dream I usually write it down as soon as I can, or tell someone, so I can remember it.  I will probalby remember the unpleasant dream I had last night because I wrote about it in my journal. That was not a good idea, for I may dream it again because of that.    And I believe that dreams can tell us about feelings and concerns that we are consciously trying to supress, but they are so weird that we have trouble figuring out what they mean.  As for standard dream interpreation symbots and plots, I have no faith in those.


annalisa135 said...

I find that very, very interesting!  I am deeply involved with middle eastern culture, even though I am US bred and born.  I would love to have an Arabian dream, although I hope mine would be much nicer.  :-)  Did you, by chance, dream of the Arabian food?  Oh yummy stuff!  lol  Somehow I doubt anything "yummy" was in  your dream.  

firestormkids04 said...

I sometimes have wierd ones as well, mine seem always to involve fire or volcanos.  I do hope you sleep better tonite.  Blessings, Penny

jckfrstross said...

Sometimes i have real wierd dreams they seem so real so you are not alone


kateh2ocolorart said...

HEY must have been an electrical storm in our neighborhood cuz I had a rough night's sleep too...tried all the usual remedies like warm milk...still only got a few hours sleep, had a dream I think, but ditched it at 6AM!  LOL  Pleasant dreams and maybe it will rain so we can sleep tonight.

plieck30 said...

Maybe you need to buy a new mattress Chuck. Paula

mavarin said...

Here's hoping this particular dream doesn't have a return engagement! -Karen