Saturday, August 13, 2005

Celebration of Now

This is curious.  You are probably reading this entry before the one below, which precedes it, and you may read after.  Confused? Just wait. How's this for confusion.  I had a dream in which I dreamed that I was awake having an adventure that I usually dream.

I had been fired from an university. Somewhat like UCLA, but probably inspired from my reading that a new University of California branch is opening in our town soon.  I packed up some books and other odds and ends that were hard to carry took them out to my scooter. I was loading them onto my scooter and along came one of the residents of this old folks home, one who I wrote about as tending the roses. 

She helped me load the books, but got me a bit confused because she wanted a ride on the scooter.  I had some difficulty starting it.  But I got it started, and started for home.  But before long I found I was on the WRONG SCOOTER.  This one had an engine, not an electric motor. I would have to turn back and get my scooter. Naturally, in a dream, you cannot just turn back, you get lost. After much difficulty I got back and found my scooter gone and an angry note from the owner of the motorized scooter in its place. 

I started on for home, but somehow lost the motorized scooter and was trying to get back to the starting place in my wheel chair.  I could not find familiar streets. I became exhausted and some kind, but excitable, people took me into their apartment. They offered me all kinds of help I could not use, but the help I needed, a telephone they were reluctant to offer.  When I grabbed it anyway, it did not work.

I decided to start on in my wheelchair and that is when THE FLOOD CAME. Streets were flooded and passage was blocked in every direction.  That's when I said, "This is just like that dream I often have of not being able to get home, except this is real."

Then the flood abated, and I woke up and realized my real adventure was a dream too.,

So why would I celebrate a crazy dream like that?  To find out, you will have to read my next entry, below, that I have already written, first.

Life is worth living.  Just hope I can remember it all.


kt4pr said...


Aren't dreams amazing? It's good to journal them as you have done. When you go back and read dreams you've had in the past, certain threads begin to appear. Your adventure-dream tells me about a vital man who has so much in his head and so much to share with the world. Keep it up--I truly enjoy your stories.

With affection, Kae

mavarin said...

Sounds like a classic anxiety dream to me.  At least it's more original that the test dream or the no clothes in public dream.  I sometimes dream of being in the back seat of a car, with nobody in the front seat and the car going 30 mph.  Hmm.  I guss it means I need to take more control! - Karen

magogos said...

Kae said what I think, too. Margo

kateh2ocolorart said...

Dreams smeams....write them as a screenplay!  Kate

ryanagi said...

I agree with Karen. Axiety for sure! I had a major anxiety dream last night. All I recall is being on a balcony overlooking a large swimming pool and seeing my son fall in...except that I yelled my brother's name and I lept from the balcony into the pool to save my child from drowning...I couldn't find him in the churning water. Very disturbing. There was a bunch of stuff that happened before that, but this is the only part that has stuck with me.

plieck30 said...

Dreams can certainly be confusing. I don't dream often, but when I do I am always confused as to why I would dream that certain thing. Paula

judypearllove said...