Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Recuperate with me-- Post Script

Last February I had pneumonia, and I posted each step of my recovery in the journal.  On March 2 I posted the final step.  Here is a follow up. 

Since that time I have rented a hospital bed.  At first I needed to sleep with my head and shoulders elevated.  Later I slept flat.  Later I had my own old twin bed brought to my sitting room. Sometimes I slept in that.  Mostly I would start the night in one bed and then change to the other during the night.

That got old.  So, bravely I called the rental place and told them I didn't need the rental bed any longer.  Today they picked it up. 

So tonight it is back to my old hard twin bed, all night, like it or not, flat or not.

I may be up in the middle of the night, writing in my journal, or sleeping in my wheelchair.  Or I might just be fully recuperated.


fisherkristina said...

Wow!  Just like a child, going from a bike with training wheels to a regular bike!  Now you are sleeping in the real thing, lol!  Do you feel any more grown up?


jckfrstross said...

here is hoping you have a good night sleep:)



kateh2ocolorart said...

LOL at Krissy...you're back in your big boy bed!  Which is, actually, SMALLER than the hospital bed...but it sure must seem more spacious in BOTH rooms!  
Sweet dreams!  Kate

mavarin said...

Well, I don't see you online, so maybe you're asleep right now! ;) - Karen

ryanagi said...

"Hard twin bed"? Hmm. Perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a nice new mattress? Twins are pretty inexpensive...how about a nice plush pillow top model? Or one of those cool Swedish foam ones?

sylviam4000 said...

Wakey, wakey, youv'e overslept! Keep laughing.
Sylvia x

herheadsnacloud said...

Hi Chuck,
I will say a prayer for you that you have a restful night...with no shortness of breath......God bless..Bambi

mtrib2 said...

My prayers are with you Chuck.  Keeping as busy as possible reading keeps my mind away from my daily thoughts of depression.   I hope you do not get down like I do, and see things at their least emotional feeling.  I am struggling with chronic back pain and want to do things but am unable to.  You have your emotional well being in a positive mode, and I admire how you face adversity.  Take care, and enjoy your weekend,    mark