Sunday, August 28, 2005

You heard it here first

It was in August 2 entry >>

There are going to be a bunch of disappointed people on August 27th expecting to see an amazing Mars.  Sorry, folks, it will just be a bright star.

  Today the 28th one of the servers said, "Oh, tonight Mars puts on a show.  Going to be big as the moon."

   Not only was she a day late, she believed that silly impossible story.  Yesterday my cousin told me she was going out to look for Mars.

   People will believe anything.  I think I will start a rumor about the planet Jupiter.  I will say that on Halloween it is going to pass between Earth and the moon. There will some people believe it.


ryanagi said...

LOL I just laughed when I saw that email going around.

mavarin said...

I remember when the event in the email actually happened, in August 2003.  It still wasn't big enough to be very impressive to an amateur observer, especially one like me, who needs strong glasses to see much of anything.  I stood in line for hours to see through the Flandrau telescope.  What did I see?  A small, fuzzy white circle! - Karen

fisherkristina said...

So funny.


jevanslink said...

On the 27th I called a guy I know about a question I had.  He said, I'm outside looking at Mars and it's huge.  You have to see it.  They said it would be as big as the moon, and it's close.  Wow.  [BIG BEAT]  Oh, wait.  That's an airplane on the flight path into the airport.  


Mrs. L