Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pleased as Punch

I am as pleased as punch that so many of you kind people read my journal, and especially tickled that you leave comments.

I have an internal commentary running in my head all the time, about what I see, what I am doing, and what I remember.  And when I share it with others, it sort of gives some meaning to my life.

We had a lecture on Alzheimer's Disease yesterday. The specialist said that if you are over eighty, as I am, the chances that you will eventually get Alzheimer's are FIFTY-FIFTY. When you get it, he says, you live your life in reverse, forgetting the most recent and remembering the more and more distant past, until you end up a neo-natal.  Ah well, that gives special meaning to these ramblings of my mind now. Grim thought: the only way you can escape is to die first from some other cause.

But it is a cause to CELEBRATE.  Celebrate the life we are living now.  I am joyous now, for I had an awesome dream and I have a journal to tell about it in, and some friends who will read about it.  It is in the next entry which follows immediately. ABOVE


mavarin said...

Well, it's like life in general, isn't it?  No one here gets out alive.  But I'm glad you make the most of it, and share your internal commentary with us! - Karen

magogos said...

Chuck, your willingness to think and share and continue growing gives me hope for me when I hit 80. I think you are amazing. Your young(55 years old) admirer, Margo

ryanagi said...

Hmm. I can't say I approve of the content of that lecture. It doesn't seem right to scare a room full of elderly folk that way. Those statistics are a little too scary and really seem unnecessary to share. It's more important to talk about warning signs and course of action. What can you do to help or stay healthy. Not spend your days worring "Am I next?"

lacaza3 said...

My grandfather had old timers we always called it<lol> That is true he remember old memories but couldnt remember real time stuff
One time my grandmother called my Dad and said..Tell your father that I am Billie that is married...My grandfather said your not billie because your an old woman and my billie isnt old...He remembered her young only...We laugh about it now...but I think it hurt my memaws feelings
Donna In TEXAS

plieck30 said...

Just hope my brain works half as good as yours when i reach your age. You never cease to amaze me. Paula

onestrangecat said...

You never know what life will hand you.  AT 75 my aunt had a stroke that affected her memory.  She had several more that impared it even more.  My mom is afraid of her being next.  I told here that you don't inherit strokes.
I wouldn't worry too much about getting Alzheimers.  I believe that if you got to 80 without showing signs then you are ok.