Monday, August 15, 2005

While the Journals were Off the Air

What six letter word ends in HTH?


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AOL Journals were off the air this afternoon, so while they were off I took a nap.  And while I was napping, a silly jingle went bobbing through my head.

I was married to the widdow next door

She'd been married seven times before

And every one was Henery

Never wed a Willie or a Sam

I'm her eighth old man named Henery

I'm Henery the Eighth, I am

I'm Henery the Eighth, I am, I am.

(Used without permission, thanks Herman)



sylviam4000 said...

I used to love watching a listening to our very own Joe Brown sing that. By the way Aol are completely up the chute over here. Keep cutting,  have  also lost all my favourites on my toolbar. Can't even find journal. Think they should get their act together.

robinngabster said...

Well I am off to cook dinner for my family, I just hope they do not think I am nuts when they hear me singing "Henry the 8th I am"    :)

magogos said...

Now, I, too,will be humming Henery all evening long! Margo

sieblonde said...

yep, now it's stuck in MY head.  

mtrib2 said...

It appears you are writings some code like I learned in the little bit of VB that I've studied.  Perhaps its HTML, I'm lost already.  You know those KICKs just keep gettin harder to find, I said those KICks won't keep bringin you peace of mind.  Don't know if I got the words right.  Any of those songs will erase any concious thought though.    mark

valphish said...

Oh no!  It is in my head now! lol xox

ryanagi said...

Ha! What's that old saying about idle hands?? Something something...the devil's playground?  LOL  I hope Journals never mess up that bad ever again! That was horrible!