Friday, June 30, 2006

Cat Still Around

... and so, for the time being, is Inga. 

   The stray cat, who has haunted the old folks home, and was fed by Inga, is still hanging out.  She was invited by Inga INTO the building.

   The cat was chased out by a caregiver who scolded Inga.

   Anita says that cat is "a huge Vet bill waiting to happen."  Others say that the cat looks like it has ringworm. The cat certainly looks hungry.

   To be continued.


jckfrstross said...

i bet if you called around  you could find a vet who would do a check up for free:)


msecz said...

I say good for Inga, she has a good heart. :) Sandra

tendernoggle said...

The home where my mama stays alows certain pets there on ocassion, and at one time they had an official doggy mascot that stayed there! All the people use to get a kick out of being able to pet and tend to him!
I am proud of Inga...she knows that the  kitty needs someone to love it and so do people (need someone to love...:-) )