Thursday, June 1, 2006

Mega M&Ms

I like the new Mega M&M's.  As near as I can tell each one is one and half grams.  The televsion ads say, "You wouldn't want 'em any bigger."

Wrong.  I would.  The bigger the better for me.

I even like the subdued colors: Beige, Teal, Maroon, Gold, Brown, and Blue-gray.

Yay for the one and half gram M&M's.  can't wait until the three gram babies come out.  Mars candy, take note.


garnett109 said...

Never heard of them , now that you got my attention, do they also have them in peanuts? I'll have to go hunting tomorrow! Thanks I love m&m'S

monponsett said...

If you had a 8 year old and a hamster, you could just keep throwing brown mega-M&Ms into the cage and make him clean it all day.

Van Halen (a rock band) used to specify in their contracts that they wanted a bowl of M&Ms backstage.... the kicker was that if any green ones were in there, the concert was off.