Sunday, June 11, 2006

Found Another Online Scam -- Ho Hum

   I recently emptied Windows Trash with some un-backed up files in it.  A year's worth of letters down the toilet.

  So I went to search for "lost files".  I got a link to a program called File Recovery.  Download here.  So I downloaded.  ho hum  wait wait.  restart.  ho hum.

   Search for all lost files.  click and away she went, bit in teeth, wow, those lost files flashing by faster than a speeding bullet.  After three thousand found files I thought I'd better stop and see what it is doing.

   Holy cow, here is a list...I read.  I dont see the ones I am looking for but I try to recover one just to see how it works. and LO. 


   Scam scam.  This is first mention of "purchase".  Well, I may purchase, or I may go to Staples and buy a file recovery program off the shelf.  They are honest.... they tell you that you have to pay before you take it home.


garnett109 said...

There is hardly anything out there for free! Did you get a hold of tech support from aol they are free it's their job to help you out!

plieck30 said...

I'm with you, I hate hidden charges. I would pay more somewhere else just for the principal of the thing. Paula

elleme2 said...

This is often the result you get when searching for lost friends or relatives.  The search itself is free, but what comes up is the name (and there may be many people with the same name) and an offer to disclose more information for a fee.  Discouraging.

monponsett said...

Write to "" right now... I bet he can help better than some rip-off sumbitch can.