Friday, June 23, 2006

Celebrities I have seen in Person

I forget if I have posted this before, my forgetter works overtime.  But here are the celebrities I remember having seen or met in my lifetime:

Celebrities I have seen

Bob Hope, entertaining at army hospital 1945

Jerry Colonna, same time

President Jerry Ford, campaigning for Pres at Van Nuys airport

Senator Fritz Mondale, in hall at teacher union meet, Miami

Rich Little, in café in Olivera street Los Angeles

President F D Roosevelt, in motorcade west Los Angeles, 1933

Governor Gray Davis shook my hand in parade Atwater, 2001

Katherine Hepburn in As You Like it, Kentucky 1944

Joe E Brown in Harvey in Los Angeles

Richard Arlen at his home in Chatsworth

Hoyt Axton at charity telecast, Hollywood

Jesse Jackson, at teacher union meeting

Governor Jerry Brown, teacher union meeting

Congressman Gary Condit at Villa, Merced

Congressman Dennis Cardoza at local meeting Merced

John Travolta in café in Vasquez Rocks, chatted about airplanes

Congresswoman for breakfast in café in San Fernando

Hopalong Cassidy in Rose parade

Bob Barker doing Price is Right Hollywood

Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Lionel Hampton at Worlds fair 1939

Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Palladium, Hollywood

Lawrence Welk, Ocean Park ballroom

Danny Kay army hospital Van Nuys

Congresswoman Diane Watson, Board of Education Los Angeles

Supt of Public instruction Jack O’Connell

William Shatner, play in Los Angeles

Jack Lemmon, play in Los Angeles

Segovia on guitar in San Diego

Gloria Allred, attorney, at teachers union committee

Diana Lynn, actress, came to our house seeking her lost dog.

Gordon Jump, television actor, Maytag Washing machine repairman.

Roy Rogers and sons of the pioneers at charity rally

Clarence Nash, doing voice of Donald Duck same rally.

Chief Iron-eyes Cody gymnkhana, save the SF airport rally.

Jerry Dunphy, Newscaster lived next door but one at Oxnard. Partied.

Frank Ross, astronomer, discoverer of clouds on Venus


fisherkristina said...

Impressive list.  I have seen (and talked to many of these personally):  Bill Clinton at Hillary's church and at his inauguration (by the way, I WASN'T impressed), Hillary Clinton at her church (WASN'T impressed), Ollie North at a campaign event (had my picture taken with him) ,  Mark Siljanader (US Congressman -paid campaigner for him and personal friend), Bob Marshall (VA house of Delegates - campaigned for him and personal friend), Colin Powell (at a book signing and on his street), Bob Dornan (US Congressman, met him at a fundraiser),  Congressman Chris Smith (met him at a Congressional hearing),  Bettry Friedan (feminist - NOT impressed), Jane Roe -her real name is Norma McCorvy (before and after she was for abortion), and a number of others, but I guess I have named enough people for now.

Krissy at Hope Lodge        

jckfrstross said...

wow quite a list :)


mavarin said...

I want to read more about Danny Kaye! :) - K.

desannie said...

This is a very impressive list, Chuck.  There were several you listed that put the "Big Impression" in my book -- like FDR who died when I was a baby.  I loved Hoyt Axton, Roy Rogers and Chief Iron-Eyes Cody and would have given anything to have seen them.  I may start a list and post the ones I've seen, but it will have to be in different sections as I've seen a lot of celebrities over the years at concerts, plays, conventions and even a couple of rodeos.  Love to read all of your posts.  Annie

mtrib2 said...

You have an interesting group of celebrities that you have seen in person and had interaction with John Travolta.     I just told the story to Sam of "Sam Says" about having been a student at the University of the Americas in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.   I had hiked up Mount Popocatepetl which took me 12 hours the first day and I slept in the wilderness.    The next morning I came upon a cabin and knocked on the door to ask for directions and water.    A man opened the door and I spoke to him with my limited Spanish.    He spoke English and during our conversation he told me he was an executive with Coca-Cola.    He also told me the cabin which was the only one on the mountain perhaps was owned by the Mexican government.    I thanked him and went on my way.    When I saw a photo of President Vincente Fox I thought "I met him at the cabin when I was a student in Mexico!"    mark