Thursday, July 12, 2007

Acetate becomes Invisible

I had an acetate page protector in my hand.  It was 8.5" x 11" and was punched at the top so I could hang it on my door. 

I decided to print a silly poem to hang on my apartment door and amuse passers-by. 

I typed the poem and printed it.  That took maybe five minutes.  I DID NOT MOVE from my chair in front of the computer.

I reached for the acetate to insert the poem.  IT WAS GONE. It is nowhere to be seen.  I have searched the room. 

This has happened a lot in my 82 years.  And that is the trouble.  I am 82.

It happens even more nowadays

Next day.. I found the acetate.  It was sitting on top of my arm's reach away.  It was disguised as a piece of scratch paper.  It was in plain sight... I simply overlooked it, it's being clear and invisible, so to speak. .


ggjack7 said...

hahahahhohoho I hate when that happens, I live in a very small apartment by myself, and those darn fools that stole your acetate page protector, visit my place very often, somethimes I  think I would not get any exercise if they didn't come in and hide things from me, it drives me up a wall, but I'll bet you'll find it, good luck.  gg/jackie

kateh2ocolorart said...

The acetate gremlins got it.  Are they related to the eye glass gremlins or the sunglasses gremlins?  Did you see that song by Tom Rush...UTube.  K

jckfrstross said...

ok did you leave your apt? is it in your chair? bathroom? do you have a refridgerator if you do check inside. all weird places but i am married to a man who through out the years has put stuff in very weird places. hope you find it and what was the poem


chasferris said...

Chuck adds... It is several hours later.  The acetate folder has not reappeared yet.  There is hiope, however.  I have replaced it and it is no longer needed... it can come out of hiding now.

As for the poem once appeared in the Journal.
I'm just a little prison rat
Waiting for my bacon fat.
In the morning I am wakin'
Shouting 'Where's my bacon?'

No comments from passers-by yet

tellsg said...

I bet it was those burglars back again!  Hugs, Terry x

tendernoggle said...


hewasolddog299 said...

Those page protectors are slippery devils -- literally. I'd ask housekeeping to give the space under your bed and inside your closet a gander -- it probably slipped off the desk and flew right under something, like a dresser or closet door...

Cute little bit of doggerel, that.

jmorancoyle said...

    You are not alone in these things.