Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Church Key

I'm in trouble.  Not BIG trouble, but "Gee, this is annoying" trouble.  I've lost my Church Key. 

Of course you know what a Church Key is... that slang term is so popular that you may not know what the real name is. Liquid Can Opener, punch type, Mark 1A. We used to call them Beer Can Openers, hence the irreverent nick-name: Church Key. Do you follow that reasoning?  Churches abjure beer drinking, people call things by their opposites for fun.  The fattest kid is called "Slim". Therefor, an opener for beer cans is called a "Church Key".

Now we drink our beer from Pop Top cans, but the Church Key open juice and stuff.  Hence my dilemma. I have lost mine.

Of course, I blame it on the housekeeper.  She has simply put it where it belongs... but where is that? It is not in the kitchen drawer, nor under the sink, nor in the refrigerator with the juice cans.  Where to look next? Under the bed? In the linen closet? Where indeed?

No tomato juice, no pineapple juice until I trudge to the market and get another.  And in the market, where are the Church Keys?  I don't recall seeing them anywhere.  Besides, buying something that used to be free is annoying.  You used to get one free with every six pack of beer. 

I have bigger problems in my life, but "Juiceless Wednesday" is one of the little frustrations that keep life interesting. How much coffee can one drink?


ggjack7 said...

hahahahahohoho I love it, blame it on the housekeeper, sounds something like the butler did it, thanks for the laugh, and we do have to laugh about these little things or at our age when things like this happen so frequently, we would be crying all the time, and that's not fun. gg/Jackie

plieck30 said...

I don't know where your church key is but I know where mine is. Mine has a magnet on the back and it is stuck to the side of the stove. Don't use it often but sure is handy when I need it. Hope you find your's. Paula

tendernoggle said...

Mine is like Paula's..a magnet on the back but mine is stuck to the refrigerator! lol Hope you find it Chuck!
love ya,

hewasolddog299 said...

Mine is on the peg board on the wall, right where it belongs. Probably the only thing I can find in this packrat nest I call a home.

chasferris said...

From Chuck.  Replaced it. Cost $2.  for something that used to be free.  When I asked storekeeper, he merely said the Dpllar store has two for one dollar.  Even that is too much.  But, in order to have one, I bought the $2 one, and it barely works.  The two for a dollar ones probably work better.

margoooooo said...

Ahhhh, Church Key.  It's been awhile since I've thought of that one.  But now that you mention it, how well I remember.    ~Margo