Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brand New Oldies

That's a contradiction in terms: Brand New Oldies. How can it be an "oldie" and brand new at the same time?

When my Son-in-law, Roddy Jackson, was a teen ager, he was a "phenom" in the music world.  He was a fantastic rock and roll musician, and as such, cut some great rock and roll records for Specialty label, whose A and R specialist was Sonny Bono.  But those numbers were not recleased at the time, and the masters lay untouched for fifty years. 

Time passed, and so did Rock and Roll, but not Roddy.  He became a music teacher.  I am very proud of his work with middle school bands.  Those lucky youngsters get to perform under his direction, and his skills as a professional musician give them confidence and help them do fantastic things for a middle school band. He makes them sound their very best.  He does the same for his private music students, too. 

In fact, he even makes me, his father-in-law, sound good on harmonica when he and his step-son, my grandson, play with me at the old folks home.

Recently Ace Records aquired the rights to those long-forgotten master recordings.  Someone said, "Hey, listen to this. How come these didn't get released when Rock and Roll was at its height?"  And then they said, "Why don't WE release them now for those Rock and Roll fans who are tottering around on their walkers? It is never too late."  And so they did.

I am really proud of Roddy.  You can read his story here.  And you can even listen to a few bars of some of his brand new oldies. If you have a sentimental soft spot in your heart for Rock and Roll you can even buy one on-line.  I sure have.


msecz said...

Gee its a shame it wasn't released... would have been fun to dance to in the old days. :) Sandra

ggjack7 said...

What a shame Chuck, you have every right to toot your horn, he seems to be a great person as well as a great musician, I wish him all the best. gg/Jackie

astaryth said...

That is too cool! You should be very proud of your SIL (and I can see that you are!)

madcobug said...

What a shame this didn't get the recognition it deserved to really take off. Helen

valphish said...

Wow, Chuck, his voice is very special.  I really like it!  WOW!

tendernoggle said...

I can not believe they didn't release this!!! Wow!
love ya,

jmorancoyle said...

    Congrats to Roddy!