Thursday, August 2, 2007

At Last

Home, at last. 

For several days I have been in solitary confinement.  That is, I could not connect to any part of the internet.  Couldn't order prescriptions, couldn't read my email, couldn't read my own jornal or write in it.

I couldn't read the news, I couldn't get the baseball scores.

I was distressed, to say the least.

This morning I unplugged my DSL router, let it sit for a while, and replugged it in.  At least I have my journal, my faithful old Blog, A man's best friend is his Blog.

Hopefully the rest of the internet will follow.

Hi, loves, I'm b-a-c-k-k--k.


ggjack7 said...

I wondered what happened to you, just glad it was the computer and not you!

I have trouble with my computer also, but when I can't get it going I'm on the phone with an aol tech. or my computer company, but I do unplug it first thing something like that happens. Now get busy with your camara show us some pictures of your roses, or more clouds, take care and have a good day. gg/Jackie

madcobug said...

I have found out a lot of time if I unplug things and wait a few seconds and plug it back in it will work. Glad you got back online. My computer went on the blink a few days ago and I have been sitting too much trying to get things loaded onto the new one. AOL was messed up anyway yesterday and didn't want to pull up journals but it seems to be working ok today. Helen

jckfrstross said...

welcome back :) but i still think alot of the problems are not you its AOL and its servers grrr


tendernoggle said...

Been wondering where you were Chuck!!!
I hope all is well with your computer now!
love ya,

bamawmn46 said...

Welcome back to the real world!