Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cousin Bertha

Cousin Bertha turns ninety-two today.

She lives alone in Hesperia, California, about an eight hour drive away.  I'd sure be there if it were less.  She had lunch out, at the Home Town Buffet, with her son yesterday.  And a friend is taking her out today, too; probably to the Home Town Buffet- it is her favorite. ("Better selection than Sizzler, and cheaper," she says.)

She likes to draw little people, and has created a whole family of characters.  Here is "Hulsa" and "Prieta".. 


Why "Hulsa"and "Prieta"?  I don't know.  Are they even a real names?

Here is a picture of Cousin Bertha a few years ago, age 88.  She still has red hair, though she says "It is turning a bit yellow at the temples."

Happy Ninety-Second Birthday


plieck30 said...

Happy Birthday to Bertha. How wonderful to live to that age and be able to go out to eat and more then once. lol I loved Hometown Buffet too. Too bad they closed on our side of San Antonio. Paula

kateh2ocolorart said...

HAPPY Birthday cousin Bertha!  Glad you're doing so well!  Kate

madcobug said...

Happy Birthday to Cousin Bertha. She is a beautiful lady with a beautiful smile. I wish you could have joined her in her birthday celebration. Helen

garnett109 said...

Happy B-Day to you!

ggjack7 said...

She's a beautiful woman Chuck, with a great smile, I wish you could join her. gg/Jackie

bamawmn46 said...

Happy Birthday, Cousin Bertha!!

jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday to Cousin Bertha:)


tendernoggle said...

Happy Birthday to Cousin Bertha !!!!!!!
love ya,
ps...she doesn't look her age!

jmorancoyle said...

    Happy Birthday, Cousin Bertha! I hope I look as good at 58 as she does at 88. Wow.