Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Whadda ya Say

What do you say when you have nothing?


That is pretty feeble, isn't it? But it is nice.  Sunny, Warm but not hot. Nothing but Bingo on the calendar. I play a couple of games, the rest bore me silly.  The prizes are two-for-a-penny candy.  I have gone to the store and bought candy bars and donated them to the prize basket, but they go pretty fast, and when I finally win a game, they are all gone. (And what is the thrill of winning back candy you donated?)

I played my keyboard for a while, but I have nothing new to play. I am going to hook my keyboard to my computer so I can search the net for digitized music to feed into the keyboard...but I haven't yet. But going to do is boring too.

Ennui has set in the old folks home.


kateh2ocolorart said...

HOT MUGGY midwestern day in CA, I say...STAY IN AND READ!  Kate

ggjack7 said...

Doesn't any one like to play cards? I always enjoyed playing bridge, but it does take a lot of consontration, how 'bout poker, pinnocole, spades, hearts there are lots of different card games that are fun, if you have AOL go to Pogo and pick a game there, try it you might like it. gg/Jackie

garnett109 said...

Chuck I have the same trouble combating the boredom blues, Just bought an rc helicopter but have to wait for my deb's days off to fly it,Have a great day and when nobody is looking super glue one of those candy bars down!

plieck30 said...

Ride your scooter to Starbucks and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Paula

tendernoggle said...

Ok...time to get a good book to that will capture your attention from the first page or two!
love ya,

fisherkristina said...

Hum, let me see if I can help you.  Is there a movie theatre nearby?  I have seen a few great movies lately, believe it or not.  If you can't get out, see if somebody can get you some DVDs to watch on your computer.  I saw Becoming Jane about Jane Austen the other night and it was great!  Anything by her is good!  Also, we saw March of the Penguins, which was fantastic, as well as a movie called Eight Below.  Another option is reading.  Another thing I love to do is research on the computer.  I go to and stick in different topics.  I love research.  I could spend all day doing that!  Think of different topics you would like to find out more about and research them.  Oh, and develop your art!  Maybe there are some art classes you can take!  Or photography.  Take classes of any type if you can.  And write that book I said I would buy!  I will edit it for you if you would like.  You are so interesting, Chuck!  Looking forward to reading it!

Krissy :)  

jckfrstross said...

Maybe you could take more pictures of your home? i would love to see where it is you live