Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You tube difficulties

How do you get You Tube to work right?  Most often when I try I get a few seconds of play, a still frame stuck for several seconds, a few seconds of play, a stuck frame for seconds...etc.

Other times, I click on a start and it plays right through.  Now what am I doing right sometimes, and wrong others?

I suspect I have to set some memory cache somewhere, or something to some setting I am not doing.  Maybe my video card or my router or my something is not right. So why does it work sometimes?

AND... how do I capture the whatever (EMBED?) that enables me to post a You Tube link in my journal?

Seriously, your distressed correspondent 

In comment #2 below, Jackie poins out that "dial up" does that pausing bit too.  I had that trouble with dial up too, but now use a router and AT&T  service.  so I should get whole thing.  I once unplugged my router..let it sit for a bit..plugged it in again. and that helped...but that seems more like "magic" than science. But I may try it again later.


garnett109 said...

i have no clue chuck , are you letting it to fully buffer?

ggjack7 said...

Chuck I have AOL dial-up you know the one for $9.95 per month, and the same thing happens to me all the time on all videos, if I save them in the "my computer" place and windows opens them they seem to work, but only there I can not email them to myself because the same thing happens AOL takes over.  This never happened to me when I was using COMCAST, but alas that was too expensive for my budget, so I learned to live with it. gg/Jackie

hewasolddog299 said...

I have DSL, too, Chuck and what I choose to do is to start the video and immediately pause it to allow it to load fully before I continue to play. If it's a very long clip (over 5 minutes, say), I'll wait until a good portion of the video has loaded, as indicated by the red load bar below the video window. then start playing it. Makes for less of a hurky-jerky process, particularly when the ATT and/or YouTube servers are heavily loaded.

bamawmn46 said...

Sometimes, it takes some more time for some videos to load.

Embedding: copy the link at the embed line on youtube....  click post video on your journal and then paste the link when it gives you the box... OR make sure your text link is set at hmtl (or whatever the 'h' one is...) then paste your video link at the bottom... when you save it, it comes up!