Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taste Test Continued - Root Beer

I have opened and tried one each of the two brands of Diet Root Beer.  One was A&W and the other was Mug.

I like 'em both.  The Mug was creamier and had a better after taste.  The A&W was sharper, had a bit of longer lasting after taste, and also had a nice touch of creme soda. Both sweetened with Aspartame.

The Mug was 3 cents a can cheaper... 35 as opposed to 38 cents a 12 ounce can...including the two and half cents deposit on the cans.

Which I buy next time?  Dunno, either is fine.

And, oh, add Hansen's.  Also okay, but not as rich as the other two.  However, had to cross two busy streets to get it at Rite Aid Pharmacy. Sweetened with sucralose, not aspartame.  Six pack 2.55 or 42 cents a can, and don't like having to risk my life to get it..
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garnett109 said...

all you need is ice cream for a root beer float!

ggjack7 said...

Thanks Chuck, guess I'll take the test myself, I'm getting tired of the lemon lime soda I have been drinking for years.  gg/Jackie

jckfrstross said...

DH loves Barg root beer i love A&W but only from the store


thegirlnexdoor77 said... crack me up...but i think you got me sold on the mug...When I was little I remember my mom taking us to A&W...she would pull in and get a frosted mug of Root Beer...we would get these maybe 3 inch high cups of something to drink..sometimes we would get lucky and she would buy us a root beer...they had these small mugs for that I am older...I think how she had that float and we had the 10 coke...ha..have a good week!  TerryAnn

jmorancoyle said...

    If I'm satisified with the taste of two different brands, I'll let the sales dictate my choice.