Thursday, August 9, 2007

Senior Moments

Senior Moments:

   #1  I rolled into the other room of my two room apartments looking for my wheelchair... the one I was sitting and rolling in.

   #2  Tablemate Wilma said she needed to "see me".  This is Thursday, her "hair" day, and I know she hasn't been to the bank of a couple of weeks.  She needs to borrow money to pay her hair dresser.  I put a twenty dollar bill in my pocket and rolled out to find her.

   I met her in the hall, my hand on the twenty in my pocket, ready to pull it out and amaze her.  She said, "I wanted to ask you for coffee."  She didn't need the money at all. 

#3 (Not MY goof, this time)  There is a right way to cut back rose bushes and our gardeners way.  The right way allows new stems to grow and bear buds and blossoms.  Our gardeners cut all the roses bushes off at the four foot level, regardless of the consequences.

   As a result, "our bush", the one we follow and photograph, has been left with only ONE stem with buds.  At least, those few buds have produced one baby blossom that burst out its bud this morning.  By tomorrow, or the next day, I will be able to bore you with another picture of a rose... a new rose on "our" bush that grew from "our twig".

   Love is lovelier the "second time around" according to Frank Sinatra.  Our rose blossoms may be lovelier the second blooming of the season.


ggjack7 said...

Thanks for the laughs Chuck, from one senior to another, I know from whenst thou cometh LOL gg/Jackie

sylviam4000 said...

Seems your gardener shares the the same attitude to pruning as my son, who's been tidying my back garden for me. Flowers came off at ground level, regardless of whether they were still blooming. Today he cut my conifer hedge back, not much finnesse there either: The top is bald and the sides unfinished - because he cut through the wires on my hedgecutter!  At least I can see the sky again. Take care.
Love Sylvia

tendernoggle said...


plieck30 said...

I cut my one rose bush back in February and again in August. Is this correct? I sure hope, so because I have already done it. Paula

jhorky said...

Being 77 I guess you could call me the kid in the bunch, between 3 of us.  You sound like a fun person and I am gladGg led me to you.  I have senior moments to like the time I hunted my stove, cabinets abd everywhere for the salt.  It was in the fridge!!!

jhorky said...

Had tio come back and tell you YOUR Paintings are great. Lucy PS. same as J horky!!!

jmorancoyle said...

    I think I've had a few of those moments. It's like in the middle of the night after coming back from the washroom, and going to take my glasses off and I'm not wearing them.