Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Photo Shoot - A Picture from 2003

John Scalzi, in his blog By the Way which has reached the advanced (for Blogs) age of four, asks us to post a picture from 2003. 

Here's mine.  Me on my first scooter, a "City Bug".



The City Bug was mobile and fast.  Too fast I figured, for if I bumped something going that fast I was sure to be injured.  It had a "stool" for a seat, and you had to hang on for dear life. It had no reverse.

I replaced it with a "real" sit-down scooter and gave it to the old folks home.  The maintenance man used it for a while scooting from job to job, but now it  mostly sits in the card room, waiting to be scooted, looking forlorn.


garnett109 said...

looks like a prototype of the first ever made atv quad

valphish said...

I think I saw this picture before, did I?  LOL  Ah, time flies!  Love ya, Chuck! xox

chasferris said...

(See Val's comment below)...Yes, you saw this picture before...look to the left... over there in my ABOUT ME column.  There it is.

jmorancoyle said...

    Hi, hansome!