Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mother Nature is Our Friend

Yesterday I pontificated about the wonders of the natural human body.  Today I pontificate about the wonders of natural science.

I was riding my electric scooter from the old folks home to the doctor's office and back, and suddenly marveled at the miracle I was performing.  I had taken a little plastic box of chemicals, and used the electricity they produced and the power of magnetism to propel me along my way with no more effort than steering and pushing the "go" button.

What a wonder.  Mix some chemicals, string some wires and away we go. 

It's all in mankind's reach. Harness the natural energy in the right way and you can send a message to outer space as we have done with "Voyager". It all comes from the natural elements and the mind of man. 

We have even harnessed gravity, for that is what all those satellites have done. They have harnessed gravity so they can hang in space and watch hurricanes and weather.

Just wait until we harness the energy of those hurricanes that now plague us. Won't that be awesome. 

Well, it boggles my mind.


madcobug said...

Maybe they will learn how to capure the force of the hurricanes into some sort of fuel for our autos. Helen

kateh2ocolorart said...

Boggles my mind too, but how ingenious...harness the energy from a hurricane or tornado to power communities for months or years after the devastation!
Maybe science and technology can even figure out a way to harness the winds power against themselves to stop them from doing the destruction in the first place...or would that be too much like TRYING TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE!

garnett109 said...

they can turn cow dung into methane

chasferris said...

Wilma, my tablemate dropped by.  I read her this enty and she said, "Please add.  All this, but we still can't cure the common cold."