Friday, August 17, 2007

Strange Phenomenon

There were more American made cars than foreign cars in the parking lot of the old folks home.  Can it be that American made cars are making a come-back?  Or was this just a TE, Transitory Event. 

Of the foreign cars Honda was most evident, and there were a Mazda, a Nissan, and a something-else.  No Toyotas, I wonder why.

Of the U.S. cars, Ford led with Chevrolet close behind.  There were three Dodges in a row, seemingly flocking together, and a Chrysler.

Strange, it seems that almost anything manufactured nowadays was made in China.  Why not Chinese cars? I don't know of any.


madcobug said...

I have never heard of a car imported from China either. Both our autos are foreign. A Toyoto SUV and a Nissan Truck. The both are pretty good on gas.  Helen

ggjack7 said...

Yes but the whole thing is, I thought I heard on TV News that a lot of Chevrolet and Fords are made overseas, just as we manufacture foreign cars, Is that true?

I said I wouldn't buy anything but American made cars, but who knows? gg/Jackie

plieck30 said...

Toyota made a big bang in our town. They built a new plant right up the highway from us. Every vacant lot has a duplex on it with the thought their employees will move here. I am a FORD person. Paula

bamawmn46 said...

There is a Toyota plant in north Huntsville. There is a Mercedes plant in Tusculoosa, AL that also makes engines for Hummers... The Chrysler plant in the Huntsville area was bought by a German company several years ago. My question is, is American made and Foreign made the same thing?

garnett109 said...

they are all foriegn made , back in the day did you ever hear of a 4.0 liter, it was all cubic inch ?

jmorancoyle said...

    Can you imagine the chaos we'd have if China made a car as good as their toothpaste, toys and tires are? Thank God if they do, they haven't exported here yet.

hewasolddog299 said...

My '91 Honda Civic was made in the USA; you have to go back into the late '60's and early ''70's to be able to make such clear distinctions as "foreign". As others have pointed out, most Toyotas, Nissans and Mercedes are also made here as well as elsewhere. Many Chevrolet products are made in Brazil, Canada, Korea and Mexico. Most Fords are made in Canada and the USA while some are also made in Europe.

While the maker's home port country of origin may once have been limited to one venue, such is no longer the case. It's a serious misunderstanding to arbitrarily think "domestic" or "import" unless you know for a fact the point of manufacture and assembly.