Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogger Blocked

Dear Silk and Dave, and other Blogger users,

   I'd like to make comment in your journals but somehow I can never get my "Google" password right.  And even when I do, I cannot read the keyword meant to thwart "machine readers".  It thwarts me instead.

   I loved the picture of yellow HumVee that Silk posted.  I would love to see that yellow one and the red one I pictured in a parade.  I wonder what other colors they come in.  Yes, I know they come in Desert Camouflage. Probably Navy Battleship Gray, too.


jaykolb said...


If you comment on Blogger as "anonymous", you won't have to give a password.  Just be sure to sign your name or handle so folks know it's you.  

You'll still have to deal with the spam-foiler characters, but Blogger allows multiple tries.  (In fact, there's a bug, and sometimes it takes two tries, even if you get it right the first time.)  So you could just keep trying until one turns up that's easier. They're all lower case, by the way.  Knowing that helps eliminate some confusion.

I'd love to have you visit and leave your card.

(And I'm very surprised no one has deleted my last comment on your previous post.)


jaykolb said...

I see you made it past the weird characters!  Loved seeing you there.

Colors:  In NY and DC, almost all the Humvees I've seen were black, and an occasional camo one.  I didn't know until recently that they came in other colors.  Never saw a gray one....