Friday, August 10, 2007

You Write the Caption

What should this photo be captioned?

1. Is this car owned by an introvert or an extrovert?

2 Where does the owner of a Fire-engine red Humvee park? Any place he wants to.

3 Sorry for taking your picture, sir, I didn't know you wanted to be inconspicuous.


plieck30 said...

I want to ride in one of these one time but not red. Paula

ggjack7 said...

So you say as a young boy you always wanted to be a fireman! The news man said as he stooped to talk to the owner under the car.

I think he's an introvot wishing he were and extrovert.


jaykolb said...

It looks like a Mardi Gras float with that streetlight "growing out of" the top.

My friend Ray laughs at people who drive Humvees.  He says they have
- no economic sense,
- no confidence in their masculinity, and
- no woman
since no woman would allow a man to buy something so stupid.

And he seems to be right.  Every one we've seen on the road has had a lone man in it.

As to their parking wherever they want, I'm putting a photo on my blog just for you, Chuck.  See

(Note: This is a new location for my journal.  It moved last week.)


jaykolb said...

Oh, yeah.  Caption.

How 'bout:

"Closet?  What closet?"

"Why are all those women laughing?"

"Of course I take it off road!  My garage is off road, isn't it?"

"At 23 gallons per mile, I saved enough on gas for the custom paint job."


jaykolb said...

This one's from Ray.  

"This is the only lipstick hummer I'll ever get."

(If you get it, naughty you, and I don't have to apologize.  If you don't get it I don't have to apologize.  So, no apology.)


jmorancoyle said...

    That's not inconspicous. That's a person who cries out for attention by driving this huge red vehicle, and then cries out for more when he protests.