Monday, July 2, 2007


U X B = Unexploded Bomb.  How strange a world we live in, that requires that we have a term for such an evil device.

Another random thought: what if there is a planet somewhere in this universe that has intelligent life, and only two species of life... the eaters and the eaten.  The eaten take their nourishment from the atmosphere and the eaters take their nourishment from the eaten. Our planet seems rich by comparison.

What strange thoughts I wake up to when I sleep the whole night through.  


jaykolb said...

There IS such a planet, Chuck, and it's called Earth.  Plants are alive, and they take their nourishment from the atmosphere (including minerals from the ground).  Herbivores eat the plants - that's their role.  Carnivores eat the herbivores - that's their role.  Omnivores eat everything - that's their role.

It seems like the whole purpose of life on earth is to eat or be eaten.

Lest ye think WE are the "top", heh heh, the smallest living things on Earth, the microbes, eat us.


jaykolb said...

Oh - noticed your qualification - "intelligent" life.  

Define intelligent.  

If it includes perfect adaptation to one's invironment, plants are more intelligent than people, who will happily destroy their environment to the point where only their enemies, the microbes, can live.

We define intelligent as "just like me".  The oak tree laughs.

madcobug said...

Those were some strange thoughts. Helen

hewasolddog299 said...

Do you recall a BBC series based on the activities of a domestic unexploded bombs squad in England during WWII? I think that was called UOS for "Unexploded Ordinance Squadron" or some such, but my memory is not working real good today. Anyway, the need for such activities have been with us in one form or another a long time. What else can you expect from killer monkeys, anyway?

chasferris said...

Dear Wil, (see comment below)
I sure do remember that series.  I thought is was called UXB, same as my journal entry.  Great series.

tendernoggle said...

Wow...some of these comments are strange too! lol
love ya,

jmorancoyle said...

    If you think about it, neither race would last for long.