Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Traffic Commission

I am a little nervous.  I plan to go before the city traffic commission today and appeal for a "curb cut" at an intersection on my route to the shopping center.

The Traffic Commission calls curb cuts "wheeled vehicle ramps" because they enable wheel chair users to reach the sidewalk from the street.  On my route to the shopping center on my scooter, I have to run in the street for half a block because I cannot reach the sidewalk.  I am asking the city to make a curb cut at the one corner where, for some reason, one has never been installed.

The Traffic Commission is comprised of the City Engineer, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief.  That is a pretty daunting array, though I suspect each will have sent an underling to represent him. Nevertheless, speaking before the commission is nerve wracking.

With a little bit of luck, I will survive.  Maybe I will even convince them to make a curb cut.


PS - Meeting postponed.



tendernoggle said...

Shoot Chuck...Those folks won't stand a chance against you!!! GO GET EM!!!
love ya,

jckfrstross said...

you will do fine just picture them in there undies LOL good luck


desannie said...

You go, Chuck!  Curb cuts are a necessity for us these days.  There was only ONE in the townhouse community I lived in for over 30 years.  The only way I could go anywhere was to get in the street.  I should have jumped the HOA for non-compliance a long time ago.  C'est la vive!  Annie  

mawmellow said...

Meeting postponed?  They must have heard you were coming.  You'll do fine when you get to make your appeal for a "curb cut".  

madcobug said...

Good luck when the meeting takes place. Helen

plieck30 said...

Good luck and I feel sure you will get your curb cut. Paula

ggjack7 said...

Okay Chuck here's what you do when you have that meeting, look at each man that is at the hearing and picture them putting on their trousers, one leg at a time just like every other man, they are no different, just have a different job. Let us know how it turns out okay. gg/Jackie