Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You CAN Fight City Hall

My scooter trip to city hall to speak before the traffic committee went well.  The matter of "curb cuts" on my route to the shopping center had been resolved before the meeting even started.  We have gone from probably never to possibly sometime.  That is progress.

The city officials were very courteous and helpful.  I did not have to give my "speech", merely stating who I was and why I had come.

They did warn me that the city wheels turn slowly and I should not expect to see the curb cut soon. 



plieck30 said...

I was hoping it would be sooner then later. Paula

jmorancoyle said...

    It is progress. Before you see it actually happen, they might put a program in place where they replace curbs and gutters, and then make curb cuts. The more work they can offer a contractor, the cheaper it becomes. (I cover City Hall for my small town newspaper. I know how my town works.)

ggjack7 said...

I'm with Paula Chuck, I wish it were sooner rather than later, but hat's off to you Sam for speaking up, for don't you know that is the reason we elect our officials, so they can hear our voices, and what you are asking is not unreasonable. gg/Jackie

madcobug said...

I hope it won't be to long a wait Chuck. Helen

hewasolddog299 said...

Chuck, you might do a little research at Public Works on when the city last spent money on the sidewalk at the location(s) you have concerns about, including any repaving done, or crosswalk painting. Try to determine the amount spent and the date(s). Next, if the amount exceeds the threshold spelled out in the "Americans With Disabilities Act" and/or the money was spent after the effective date of the aforementioned Act, a letter of intent, giving a reasonable date for compliance (ie. in the next budget cycle), should be sent to the City Manager. In it, specify the final date acceptable to you before you notify the Justice Department of the city's noncompliance. Point out you aren't getting any younger, tempus fugits and all. Do note you will leave a copy of the letter with your will for your Personal Representative to follow up in the event you die before the date specified.

Having worked for city government, I want you to undestand that you've been given the royal screwing, only in your case they at least used KY jelly.