Monday, July 2, 2007

Susan B. Anthony, Where Are You?

Life at the old folks home is unsettled.  We had a large screen television in our lounge, large enough to entertain a room full of old folks.  On Wednesday evening, someone dropped in, and walked out with our giant TV. 

Imagine the guts of that thief. (Well, thieves, actually. It was too big for one man to carry.) They dropped in, looked around, saw no one in the lobby, crossed the parlor to the lounge, and carried off the console, the dvd, the tape player, and I suppose, the remote. (What good is a tv without a remote?)

To say that our senior world is shaken is an understatement.  We are geriatrically spooked out of our white-haired old skulls. The old ladies, and even the old men, are locking their doors at night. Who, we ask, would steal a TV from his grandmother? Who was cruel enough to sever our life-line to the outside world, our TV?

By checking the computer connected to the call system, the police ascertained that the thieves entered at 9:31 p.m. We don't know how long it took to carry out the loot, they left the door open, so their exit was not recorded. At  9:30 everyone was in his room, and no one noticed two, or more, burglars, struggling to carry out a console television.  That's tough to do when you are laughing hysterically at your own chutspa.

These cat burglars didn't even have to stay out late at night.  By 11:30 they were home watching David Letterman on our TV.

This theft made me reflect, have I ever had anything stolen from me?  Each of my daughters has had a car stolen. One had the same car stolen twice.  It was stolen, recovered, and stolen again.

I have had burglars carry off small items, such as a flute, and once before, a television.  But what I grieve losing was a family heirloom, a hand written lefter from Susan B. Anthony to my great-aunt May. 

Great Aunt May was one of the first female physicians in Ohio, and as a pioneer in the women's rights movement, was a supporter of Susan B. Anthony.  The letter in question was a note in Susan B. Anthony's hand regarding a contribution that had gone astray in the mail. Anthony was asking Aunt May to check with her postmaster to see if the Money Order had been cashed.  The sum?  Five dollars. In those days, five dollars was worth enough to warrant Anthony's taking time to hand write a note asking for a follow up.

The letter had been saved by my great grandmother, then my grandmother, and then by me.... and I, careless custodian, had it stolen.  It was in a book, a book of foreign coins, in fact, that I was also caregiver of, a memiento of my mother-in-law's trip around the world. The thief took the book of coins, probably not realising that the real treasure was the letter inside.

Someday, on Ebay, you may see a book of foreign coins advertised.  If you do, grab it.  The real treasure is concealed inside.


madcobug said...

That is such a shame that someone stole from the home. I hope they catch whoever it was. I bet that Susan B. Anthony letter would be worth a lot of $$$ now. Someone probably didn't realize what a treasure it was. Helen

tendernoggle said...

Doesn't it make you mad that someone would take what is not theirs!
But to take a big tv from the hope they get them and throw a way the key Chuck!
love ya,

plieck30 said...

This is just terrible right next to stealing flowers off graves which they do often. Yes I have had things stolen and it makes a person feel very violated. I'm so sorry and I hope someone donates a new TV to your home. Paula

valphish said...

Wow, Chuck, I just don't get it.  Never will.  Stay safe. xox

judypearllove said...

I'm so sorry. Yes I have had a car stolen cloths and money and it stinks. It is also terrible that they took your peace of mind also. I hope all of you  get a better one to replace it and that it doesn't take long. Judy

tellsg said...

A thousand curses on those swines who nicked the tv and other things from your complex.  Yes, its a horrid feeling when things are stolen, how sad about your letter too.  We have had our car stolen a few times but the worst was when my little girl's cycle was stolen from our back garden.  It was her pride and joy and she was only 8 at the time. Her little face when she realised it was missing ... Hope they have got a new tv etc in pretty quick for you all and that security has tightened up.  Hugs, Terry x

jmorancoyle said...

    I would be heartsick over that letter. I hope the TV shortcircuits duing Lettermen and fries their asses for such cruelty. Take care.