Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Assignment -- Tell a Joke

Customer:  Waiter, I'll have coffee without cream or sugar.

Waiter:  I am sorry, Sir, we are all out of cream.  You'll have to have it without milk.

Not much of a joke, but one I adapt over and over to everyday life. By the way, I don't like "jokes" very much.  I like to see the humor in everyday situations, but tales structured as "jokes" usually bore me.

For extra credit: Have you ever been to Kansas City. Yep, KC MO and KC KS, both.  Dined there on ribs, gambled there on riverboat, recuperated from heart attack there. I enjoy the place and appreciate their medical up-to-date-ness. 


valphish said...

This actually made me laugh, Chuck!  I like it!  You can tell this joke about anything!  I like to joke about life in general, life's situations, too... make fun of myself!  This was fun, thanks, dear... hope you are having a nice Sunday... Love, your G. G. xox

tendernoggle said...


preciousfewe said...

Great joke. I don't know who said this but: "comedy makes you laugh. humor makes you think, then laugh." This is humor.